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OC Climate Coalition Meeting

Win a Climate Action Plan for your city!

Advocate Workshop and Training with UC Davis and Climate Action Campaign

It's a new year and time for new climate advocacy skills.

Join our January 25th meeting to learn from UC Davis and Climate Action Campaign about:

> California’s climate policies and goals

> Key strategies for local climate action

> Policy examples 
> How to overcome local climate action obstacles
> Climate funding sources, including California Climate Investments


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>  Intro

>  Icebreaker

>  California Air Resources Board (CARB) Presentation on Climate Action Plan (CAP) Database and General Plan Search
             >  Climate Action Plan Database

                       º Benefits & Demo
             >  General Plan Search Tool

                       º What is a General Plan?

                       º Benefits & Demo

             >  Q&A
             >  State climate goals

             >  Key strategies and tools for local climate action
             >  Local policy examples
             >  California Grants Portal - find funding for your city

             >  Jamboard Activity: What obstacles do you face in local climate advocacy?

             >  Q&A

>  Announcements

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