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Our Vision

An Orange County that reaches zero carbon by 2030, leading the world on effective, equitable climate action.

Our Goals

Working Groups

The Orange County Climate Coalition has two working groups focused on Energy and Environmental Justice. These dedicated spaces allow members to tap into their passion and knowledge to work on key climate issues in our community.


Ready to take action for climate justice? Join a working group!

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Clean Energy

Goal 1: Reduce our cities’ use of and dependence on fossil fuels Initiative 1: Educate, advocate, and organize in OC cities to ensure the adoption and implementation of Climate Action & Adaptation Plans (CAAPs) that achieve zero carbon by 2030 and model Zero Carbon for other OC Cities. Initiative 2: Pass all-electric reach codes for new construction and equitable retrofits (as part of or separate from CAAPs) in 2022.

Goal 2: Advocate and hold electeds accountable for the adoption of renewable energy policies at the city, state, and federal level.

Environmental Justice

Goal 1: Achieve environmental justice and equity for all. Initiative 1: Identify, collaborate, and bring in organizations representing CoC to advocate for policy action to improve the environment, community resilience, and quality of life for CoCs within their homes and at work. Initiative 2: Reduce energy use and harmful and inequitable fossil fuel dependency by passing all-electric reach codes for new construction and equitable retrofits, banning new gas stations in OC cities, and advocating for equitable clean energy implementation in OC. Initiative 3: Educate OCCC members on Environmental Justice issues and experiences, then activate them through CTAs to address injustice in OC.


Get Involved

We are a grassroots coalition dedicated to the fight for a sustainable and equitable Orange County. But we can’t win without you!

Join a working group or sign your organization up as an OCCC member to join the fight.

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